I’ve been playing around with Godot game engine for a few weeks, and I simply love it. It’s been one of my dreams (since old IRC days) to create a game, and after think about the pros and cons of it, I decided to move forward with build a game.

At the current moment, I do not have the skills, resources or time to do the game I would like to: a kind of TorchLight/Diablo clone.

So I decided to do something simpler. Still trying to take advantage of liking games like TorchLight and Diablo, I’m going to make 2D platform pixellike mine roguelike fantasy survival kind of game, a mix of Spelunky, NEO Scavanger, Diablo in 2D.

At the moment the name of the game is “Mine”, is just a simple name, till I find a better one.

I’ve implemented some basic movement, that allows me to move around the screen.

Basic Movement

Currently I’m testing things like:

  • Tileset (floor designed by me)
  • picking up items
  • adding items them to an inventory
  • display inventory by pressing [I] and showing the picked up items

Inventory displaying picked up items

Picking items and inventory

Credits (open source stuff that I’m currently using):

Will be posting some more stuff…

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